My name is Melissa Maher the founder of Better Days Now, a company dedicated to guiding you in transforming your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

We provide a holistic approach to transformation utilizing some of the world’s top mind / body and energy techniques including Reiki, Generational Healing (TM),Crystal Healing, NLP & Hypnotherapy. These techniques will uncover and release, once and for all, the limiting beliefs and internal blockages that have been holding you back from living the life of your dreams.

We provide the necessary tools and resources, which have always been available to you, for a fresh perceptive and a new way of being.

Whether it is a deeper spiritual connection with self and others, or a desire to live a healthy life and release some excess weight, or perhaps you are finally ready to raise the bar in your own life and step into your greatness, we would be honoured to help you get those results.


Reiki is known as Universal Life Force Energy. During a treatment, the client and practitioner work together with intention to promote a deep relaxation so the body can innately heal itself.


What if you learned that the pain in your back, your knee, the physical weight that you carry or the constant headaches are due to an ancestors unhealed trauma …


A comforting way to seek guidance and solutions on a soul level for the issues that we are facing in life. Sessions are usually 45-mins to 60 mins. Angel cards, or Oracle cards as some call them, are a time-honored, ancient way…

My Belief...

I believe your life is a gift.

I believe that you have found me because something deep inside you knows that life is worth more than what you are experiencing right now.

I believe it is your birthright to live an abundant and joy filled life.

I believe that your spiritual gifts and truths are waiting to be explored and rediscovered.

I believe that YOU can heal your life…

Why? Because I have.

What our customers say...

~Vanessa B~

” Melissa has a warmth and beautiful energy to her. Instantly, she made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I didn’t know anything about Reiki before, but thought I’d try it out. I had such a great experience, I have now recommended her to my friends. Melissa truly has a unique gift.” 

~Mel C~

” Melissa’s passion to help her clients is amazing. She has worked with me to remove limiting decisions, and any obstacles I ‘felt’ were holding me back. As a entrepreneur, it is important to surround yourself with people that will keep you focused. Thanks Melissa!”

~Maggie P~

” I am so glad I found Melissa. She is a truly caring person who respects and works with each individual’s beliefs and needs to find the treatment and resources that is right for them. She has helped me to make improvements in my life and feel more centred and more like myself. Thank you Melissa! “

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